February 20, 2020

Inspiring Young Actors at Birch Lane CDC!

By Valerie Kelly

At CDC, our programming encourages students to explore their creative side and Birch Lane students are no stranger to that! This year, students at Birch Lane CDC have really taken interest in theater and acting. From spur of the moment plays developed by the children, to talent shows and play performances, there is no shortage of creativity and inspiration at this center! 

Our staff plays a crucial role in recognizing the interests of the children by developing ways to foster and encourage their thespian interests. The Theater Club made its grand debut when one of the 4thgrade students created a play, which is based on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.  

Luckily, one of the staff members has firsthand musical theater experience and has even traveled around the U.S. to perform! Utilizing her skills, our staff was able to unite the children’s enthusiasm for acting with the play written by our 4th grader.  

Working directly with our Theater Club, our 4th grade screen-writer and visionary brought her play to life. The Theater Club members were able to expand their acting skills, develop tricks with improv and evolve their theater games.  

We had the privilege to stop by and see the young actors in action, as well as witness some behind the scenes efforts: designing wardrobes, costumes and props. During the visit, the students practiced their lines and worked on character studies for the various different roles. What makes this play unique is that no auditions were held, so children were able to choose their own roles themselves. The roles range from Narrator to stage hands, allowing each of our students to play the role in the production that fits them best. The students will continue to refine their performance over coming weeks, with the goal is to put on a full production of the play for families this spring.