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Try something for the First Time

We believe childhood and camp are about experiencing new things for the first time. Each camp provides a unique adventure where campers discover new things, explore their surroundings and marvel in the wonder of childhood. Campers also get to spread their wings, gain independence and become a leader.

We put the FUN in FUNdamentals

We believe summer and school breaks are not the time to turn off your brain, instead we promote learning and skill building in a real-world atmosphere. Campers get the opportunity to practice what they learn during the school year, make connections and engage in topics that they want to know more about-all while having fun. Many of our camp topics support Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics concepts.

Make new Friends

We believe that camp is a time to make lifelong friendships. Our camp culture establishes a climate of belonging. Our camp leaders are the gatekeepers of fun- promoting relationships and friendships with every opportunity. We place a high value on creating a community where every camper and leader feels valued, needed and important. Everyone is respected for what they individually bring to the camp community.

A typical day in a Catalyst Kids camp includes:

Our camps promote an active and healthy lifestyle with lots of games, healthy snacks and meals and plenty of physical activity and movement throughout the day.

  • A Daily Kickoff that gets campers excited about what is going to happen that day and builds a sense of community
  • Themed camp activities based on the camp topic and designed to promote skill building and learning while having a blast
  • Camp games that give everyone a chance to run around, get sweaty and have fun.
  • A healthy lunch that has a unique camp spirit
  • Friendship time to relax and chill out with your camp buddies
  • Unit Group Time where campers and camp leaders work together to plan special activities based on the interests of the group
  • Wrap Up- a time to say “Good bye, until tomorrow!,” review the day and plan for the day and week to come.

Our Camp Leaders Make a Difference

Our camp leaders are what make us different. They are true professionals when it comes to children, and they bring their talents, interests and positivity to camp. Our leaders share their knowledge and passion with the campers, empowering them to grow. They strive to meet the needs of their group and foster an inclusive environment.

Camps aren’t just for Summer

We are a part of your community that you can count on throughout the year. Our camp programs are available during seasonal school breaks and the traditional summer days.

Fairies, Wizards and Musketeers

Freiler in Tracy, CA

Mythical Medics was one of the themed camps offered this summer. At our Freiler center, the campers enjoyed making decisions about the direction of their mythical world. In addition to gnomes and fairies, they decided there should be knights, wizards and musketeers. Camp Councilors were called Kings and Queens depending on the situation, not necessarily gender. The camp also incorporated speaking styles to a renaissance theme; girls were addressed as “my lady” and boys were “good sir” and so on.

The campers divided themselves into groups according to their mythical creatures or “Renaissance Royals.” Fairies made hats from newspaper and wings from cardboard. Knights and Musketeers made swords, shields and hats while one of our two wizards made a magical staff out of paper mache to cast spells.

As part of the Fairy and Gnome Relocation Act, the different groups claimed areas of the school play structure. These areas included the wizards’ tower where one could ask for a spell to be cast, a laboratory where magic potions were concocted, pixie hollow where the fairies lived and the castle where the musketeers lived. They used plastic table cloths, a large parachute, and streamer to help define the play structure areas. Campers decorated their areas with things they made or found around the center such as real flowers and pixie dust from colored paper-hole punches.