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Shine: a child and youth development podcast

We are experts in child and youth development and the impacts that has on families and communities. Together, we explore all things in the world of childcare and education, starting with diving into the virtual world during a pandemic.

Shine Podcast Introduction

Welcome to Shine, a child, and youth development podcast. As we push into the New Year, we’ll share helpful parenting resources and advice, interview experts, and dive into relevant issues such as how to find quality childcare, the importance of play, virtual learning, and more.

Doing Less to bring More Peace to your Family in 2021 with Mary Van Geffen

We all want our home to be a sanctuary from the stress and demands of the world – a place where our child’s play is encouraged and social/emotional development is protected. Yet, often, we find ourselves white-knuckling it through the drama of unexplainable meltdowns and wildly inappropriate behavior that make parenting So Not Fun.

Join Simplicity Parenting Counselor® Mary Van Geffen to learn how choosing Simplicity in 4 key areas can give your child the space they need to tantrum less and come back to calm:

· The Environment

· Rhythm & Predictable Transitions

· Your Schedule

· Media/Screens

Listen to the episode for ideas of small doable changes you can make to support your child’s mental health and make parenting a whole lot easier.

How to Stay Calm when Your Child is Acting Crazy.  

A downloadable step-by-step process for how to regulate yourself for less yelling and more calm.

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