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What does your school age child want to do after school? Hang out with their friends, play sports, do homework, make crafts, have a snack, learn something new, and have plenty of time to just be a kidParents, do you need a safe place where you know your child is safe, secure, and supervised? Do you also want to make sure homework gets completed and your child is making healthy snack and activity choices? Most of all, do you want a place your child is happy and engaged?

Our Programs

We provide before and after school programs located on elementary school campuses that do all of the above. We provide supervised activities that are geared toward developing positive relationships and giving children the tools to shine. Each center provides a unique program that is designed to meet the needs of the children, families, school and community. 

After a full day of school, kids need a chance to choose what they want to do including:

  • Homework Academies – to support homework completion and making real world connections
  • Clubs – that are designed based on the interests of the group. Whether it’s soccer, pet care, community service, fashion design or rockets, our clubs are diverse and engaging.
  • FitKids- featuring 30 Fit– offers your child a healthy snack and 30 minutes of physical activity daily, a great start to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Open Recreation -Time to play, have fun, create, make, get dirty, get sweaty- all the greats of childhood.

Our Staff

Our members of the staff are professionals committed to providing the best possible experiences for you and your child. They are fingerprinted, certified in First Aid and CPR and have both education and work experience in the child and youth development fields. Our commitment to on-going professional development results in staff staying abreast of current trends and practices. Our programs are complimented by specialists, experts in their field that are placed in our programs to spark and support the interests of the children.

Our Centers

Our centers provide a variety of spaces for children to play and work including an art area, a quiet space to do homework and additional spaces for building and playing. A clubhouse-like space is available for our oldest members and outdoor play areas, playgrounds and fields are available for all ages.

We provide a Kindergarten Before and After School enrichment program designed to meet the unique needs of our youngest members. For more information, check out our Kindergarten Programs page.

Plaza Vista, Irvine

The Future CEO Club at our Plaza Vista center in Irvine, CA has been a huge success. This club members were interested in making and selling items to raise money. Members of the club have learned important life skills including how to write a resume and how to write out a check, as well as how to interview for a job.

The club was run as a company, and different positions were held by each member. Ms. Andrea interviewed those who wanted the CEO position, and once the CEO was chosen, other members were then interviewed by the CEO for positions including COO, CFO, Secretary, and Marketers.

The group has learned how to work well together, and all members have really taken responsibility of their positions. For example, the CEO checked the members work and complimented them on their efforts. Ms. Andrea printed fake currency for the group to use, and the CEO was in charge of how much the team members “get paid”, as well as what crafts they make. Each week, the members gave Ms. Andrea a list of materials needed for that week’s crafts, including things like duct tape, yarn, headbands, ziplock bags, and cord.

The club members made their own store fronts using 2 different trifolds decorated with their items for sale and the prices. The first, second, and third graders at the center were given the fake currency to buy the crafts made by the CEO club. Many different crafts were for sale, including pencil pouches and bracelets. After selling their items, the Future CEO Club made $70 of their pretend currency, and they were able to trade it in for things like extra time on the computer or to use special materials, like adult-size scissors.

The children at Plaza Vista CDC wanted to do something out of the norm, and with the help of Ms. Andrea and the creativity of the members, the Future CEO Club came to life. This club has not only taught the group about money, applying for jobs, and resumes but also about life skills that are not always taught in school. The Future CEO Club will definitely be remembered by both the teachers and children.

Stonegate, Irvine

What do Kung Fu, Hip Hop and Circuit Training have in common? 30 Fit at our Stonegate center in Irvine! This center wanted to provide fun physical activities and something a little different for the kids on a Friday afternoon. The 30 Fit program was just the right match. This includes four different stations with a guest speaker, large group game, fitness ladder station and jump rope station. The students are broken up into age groups of K, 1st, 2-3rd and 4-6th and go through each of the station with their group. The children get to practice lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks and sit-ups. Each of the stations last for 15 minutes each. The center brings in speakers and dance teachers to give demonstrations on how to do Kung Fu, Hip Hop, Cheer, Track, Running, Soccer and Zumba. The children were excited to show off their dance moves when they were invited to perform at the schools assemblies.

The staff at Stonegate also decided to extend the yoga the students were participating in at school into our 30 Fit program. Our children bring in their yoga mats to the center and work on their yoga moves and Pilates. They also enjoy exercising with resistance bands and mini weights. The center has purchased, “Stress Relief Yoga” and “Kids Fitness Pilates” DVD’s to enhance their 30 Fit program.