February 14, 2020

A center with a view – the NEW Catalyst Kids – Presidio Community

By Michelle Hoffmann


Late last year, we applied to occupy a child care center located on the Army base on the Presidio of Monterey.  In working partnership with the City of Monterey, we were approved to take over the lease at this beautiful child care center overlooking Monterey Bay. Catalyst Kids – Presidio Community provides full-time infant/toddler and preschool programming to the local community.   

After weeks of renovations, updates and preparing the center, we opened earlier this month with infants, toddlers and preschoolers enrolled. By the end of February, we will have 30 children under the age of 2 and 30 preschool children enrolled. The center currently has 16 full-time teachers. As we put finishing touches on the space, we are actively hiring additional teachers to staff the center.   

The space is over 11,000 square feet – clocking in at one of our largest centers! Set-up as its own school campus, the center has a front office, commercial kitchen and 11 classroom areas (each with their own outdoor play spaces). Additionally, the center has two playgrounds, a small outdoor water play area and beautiful open hallways for activities. Housed on the Army base, the center peacefully overlooks the ocean – providing fresh air and a natural learning environment for the children. As our curriculum is based in play-based learning, we are thrilled to have access to this environment for the children to develop a strong foundation of learning while in our program.   

Once we are fully staffed and all classrooms are prepared, our licensing allows for enrollment of 40 infant/toddler ages children and 104 preschoolers. In time, we plan to up our current licensing to house additional students, allowing us to fill the campus with students.   

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Catalyst Kids – Presidio Community, please contact the center at (831) 647-1880 or via email at [email protected].   

Want to work with children while enjoying the fresh-air of the Monterey Bay? Apply for one of our positions!