December 30, 2021

From student to employee – Catalyst’s lasting impact

By Michelle Hoffmann


Even though his hiring date goes back over 6 years, our Marketing Specialist, Michael Ewing, started off his ‘career’ at Catalyst Kids decades ago. As a kindergartener at Foulks Ranch, Michael was thrilled to spend his afternoons at Catalyst Kids. From art projects to gardening, he remembers his memories as having a positive influence on his childhood – helping to build a foundation for learning in his life. He would often not want his school days at Catalyst to end!

“The teachers were amazing and learning through play kept me engaged and curious,” said Michael.


With fond memories of his time at Catalyst Kids, Michael naturally was drawn back to the Catalyst family – so when he saw the job posting he jumped on applying right away. Michael’s position plays a critical role in our center operations, working with each of our centers to help with what resources they may need to help enroll children. He also helps to keep important projects on-task and his attention to detail makes him invaluable. He was naturally drawn to his position-

“I wanted to help more children and families find the wonderful services that are offered by Catalyst,” shared Michael.

With over 40 years in the industry, our roots run deep – our centers have played a pivotal role in so many children throughout the years. Although we’ve all changed a lot since Michael’s time as a student-

“the core philosophies and mission of the organization remain the same; the play-based learning, the quality of teachers and the reach of our impact.”