December 20, 2022

A Collaboration of Ideas, Passion And Commitment

By Valerie Kelly, Jose Cruz & Dianna Esparza 

Our Catalyst employees are hard at work planning for the year ahead. We are developing roadmaps with strategic sessions to improve IT and Marketing, Communications, and Resource deliverables and collaborative efforts to retain staff at the heart of our organization. 

Our Sacramento office recently held a Staff Retention Workshop that was a remarkable success! The buzz in the room was exciting to be a part of. Sarah Richie, our Program Coach, knocked her presentation out of the park. A special thank you to Patricia Delorefice, HR Recruiter, and Henri Barba, Field Staff Manager, for participating. It was wonderful to see everyone collaborating. 

On December 1st, the Technology, Marketing & Communications, and Resource Development team came together at the Morgan Hill office for a full day of engaging meetings, an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas and work on strategy. Every team member participated, created new handshakes, discussed the progress of current goals, and had an extensive discussion about how each one of us is an integral part of Catalyst, as well as Catalyst’s commitment to personal and professional growth. The team shared that the meetings were beneficial, and the overall energy was incredibly positive. Exciting things are happening at Catalyst, be on the lookout for updates!