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    We understand the need working families have for quality after school programs. Catalyst Kids, in cooperation with school districts partners, is offering Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs (ELO-P) throughout California.

Engaging Programs

Our programs provide a safe and engaging place for your child to shine. Our supervised activities are geared toward developing positive relationships and strengthening their foundation for learning. Each center provides a unique program that is designed to meet the needs of the children, families, school, and community that they serve.

Offered to children from TK to 8th grade, depending on location, our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program extends the school day and complements regular school day activities. Catalyst Kids' Expanded Learning Opportunities Program provides an extension of instructional time and a host of expanding opportunities to engage pupils in enrichment, play, nutrition, and other developmentally appropriate activities. Our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program is typically offered Monday to Friday from 2PM – 6PM on school days and during intersession periods on non-school days for families unable to secure alternate care for their children.

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Our Expanded Learning Opportunity Program is free for eligible families. Please contact your district or program on campus for more information on eligibility.

TK & Kindergarten Students

We maintain a ratio of no more than 10 to 1 in our expanded learning programs for our TK-Kindergarten students.  Our staff understand the developmentally appropriate support to provide these young students and the importance of providing a consistent daily schedule to help younger students feel safe and secure after the school day is done. Our TK-Kindergarten students will have opportunities to self-select activities, as well as interact one-on-one with a teacher and participate in teacher guided experiences in groups.


After a full day of school, kids need a chance to choose what they want to do. Our programs provide a variety of activities for children to experience each day, including:

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Meeting Time

At the start of each day, teachers and students welcome each other and share information about the activities that will happen during the day. This is also a time when teachers engage children in different Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities to build on students’ self-awareness and friendship skills using team-building activities and self-reflection questions.

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Homework & Academic Enrichment

A time for students to complete their homework and extend their learning through engaging teacher-led group activities that are connected to the Common Core State Standards. When students do not have homework, activities such as card/board games, art and craft projects, and STEM challenges are offered to promote skill building while having fun.

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Each of our programs provide a nutritious snack each day. Snack is a time for children to come together to eat and socialize with friends. Our teachers use snack as an opportunity to check-in with children, while also supporting children’s independence, social skills, and other important habits that will last through adulthood.

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Core Enrichments

Students build on their 21st Century Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking (4Cs) through group activities that are linked to their interests and personal lives. Core Enrichments provide students with opportunities to expand their horizons and to practice their leadership skills during the planning and facilitation of the group activities.

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Indoor/Outdoor Open Recreation

Students make their own choices to enhance their learning by engaging in various interest areas where learning domains are interwoven (dramatic play, art, tinkering, reading, blocks/construction, etc.) as teachers engage and interact with them. Students practice their personal responsibility, decision-making, self-management, and relationship skills during this time.

Our Staff

Our staff are professionals who are committed to providing the best possible experiences for you and your child. They are fingerprinted, certified in First Aid & CPR, and have both education and work experience in the child and youth development fields. They are equipped with the tools to foster an environment where all children can be themselves. Our programs are developed by specialists and experts in the field who spark and support the interests of the children we serve.

Our Sites

Each extended learning site provides a variety of spaces for children to explore and engage in activities of their interest. While each site looks a little different depending on location, all programs include spaces for art opportunities, quiet spaces to do homework, areas for our core enrichment activities, and age-appropriate interest areas for our oldest students. Each location also has access to outdoor play areas, playgrounds, and fields for all ages.

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