January 24, 2020

Welcome our new CFC Social Service Resource Coordinator!

By Valerie Kelly

We are so pleased to introduce Hailey Weaslee, who occupies a brand-new position within CDI as Social Service Resource Coordinator, serving all of CDC centers and families. Starting off as a Teacher at Spinelli CDC, she’s been with CDI for just over four years. We’re excited to see her grow and evolve with the company in a position that has been crucial to the organization for some time. We had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Weaslee to discuss her goals for the position and learn more about her background. 

How long have you been with CDI/CFC?  

I’ve been here over 3 years and working with CFC for 4 months. I saw the position posted in the weekly job openings report and thought it looked like an awesome opportunity, so I applied for the position. It is a new position for the organization and I’m really enjoying it. 

Can you tell me about your position? 

Every day is different dependent on center family needs. Part of the role involves social services. I work with directors, supervisors, and staff for community resources. Sometimes they have one request at a time and sometimes it’s five or six requests. CASS reaches out to me for any resources families might need. Our goal is to make sure families are taken care of, be it with finances, education or school.  

Tell me about your career and educational background. What roles were you in prior to coming to CDI? 

I have a total of 10 years in the field experience. I have a Bachelor’s in Child Development with a Minor in Counseling and Deaf Studies along with an Associate’s in Recreation Management. I’ve worked at a few summer programs previously and spent some time working at another before and after school program. I also have some experience doing In-Home Care.  

What does a typical day look like in your role? 

I do community outreach on the daily, utilizing resources to help families and spend a good amount of time working with the CASS team. Right now, I’m currently traveling between regions for RSS meetings in order to get to know everyone and so everyone can get to know my new role. Though I am familiar with the Sacramento area, my goal is to increase my presence company wide.  

Since your role is new to the organization, what are some things/projects that will be of focus for the coming months?  

Community outreach and reaching out to other regions. I’m building a library of resources for all regions. I’m working on expanding parent cafes and child cafes. The parent café is an educational event and pilot program for parents. We’re currently looking for hosts. We also provide care for the kids at the event. Some of the subjects are 5 Protective Factors for Families and Tahoe- Trauma Informed Care. The goal is to connect with Site Supervisors and educate parents and families. 

Tell me something that you think makes our organization unique. 

I’ve worked in other before/after schools. I like that CDI/CDC is not just daycare, but provides an actual curriculum, day care, and resources to parents and children. You can see CDI genuinely cares about success of their programs and it shows. The expectations weren’t quite the same at my previous organizations. CDI is unique in that it isn’t just a one stop shop. It’s not just childcare where we just watch kids. We also provide resources, assistance, and help families and kids grow. 

What do you hope to further develop within the organization?  

CFC does community drives for families and we’re really hoping to expand more on that with CDI such as food drives for centers in lower income areas similar to the Diaper Drive in El Dorado County. Families that are struggling with food and other needs really benefit from these type of donation drives. 

Feel free to send community resource inquiries to Hailey at [email protected]