June 13, 2023

Catalyst Family – June 2023 Employee of the Month

Meet Jordan Mintz, IT Supervisor, in our Sacramento office.

Jordan has recently been promoted to IT Supervisor! His current day-to-day right now involves managing ongoing IT projects, handling tickets from the Sacramento regional office and centers, and various housekeeping- inventory management, user account creation, and delegating access to sites or files. He’s looking forward to taking on more as he settles into his new role.

Jordan enjoys the friendly and positive office environment that promotes productivity but still maintains a sociability that makes everyone feel like a team.

“Our mission statement as an organization is something I personally believe in; I think a lot of our staff feel the same way- that we provide services to our communities that truly make a positive impact on children and their families. That alone makes this a great place to work for anyone.”

In his free time, you’ll find Jordan playing video games, collecting and listening to records, and watching films.