August 10, 2022

Migrant Center Spotlight

By Valerie Kelly & Alison Michel-Hall

Our Migrant centers provide childcare seasonally for the migrant workers in Dixon, Davis, and Madison in Northern California, King City in Central Valley, and year-round in Fillmore and La Escuelita in Southern California. Seasonal programs run from April through October. Our migrant locations offer services for Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, and school-age before/after school and summer camp. We recently had an opportunity to visit some of our Northern California locations and were highly impressed by the inviting environment and curriculum.

We were so impressed by the success stories regarding the children who live in this population and move back and forth every six months to attend our seasonal centers. Many of our staff members have been working with migrant families for many years and have witnessed this growth firsthand. At Madison Migrant, Norma Villanueva has spent over 30 years with our organization. β€œIt’s been amazing seeing these children begin our programs and later graduate college. Some even return to the center with their own children.” It’s been so rewarding to see that children have moved on from our programs to receive high-level degrees and many accolades at universities.

Many of our centers are predominately Spanish-speaking and there are spectacular cultural celebrations each year, such as Mexican Independence Day. Prior to covid, there were even Mariachi bands that came out and amazing potlucks for families and staff to convene and celebrate at Madison Migrant. As we move further away from the pandemic, all our migrant centers hope to bring many of these festivities back to the center.