June 24, 2022

2021-2022 End of Year Roundup

By Valerie Kelly

As we head into the summer and prepare for the upcoming school year ahead, we look back at the year that brought us further away from a masked and locked-down world. We were able to bring back many in-person events for our families and communities to enjoy. We’re pleased to see so many smiling faces returning to our centers as parents return to work, allowing us to build on that connection that was lacking in an era of zoom calls. 

We were able to celebrate our hardworking staff during Teacher Appreciation Week and many of our centers had such an amazing turnout as families came to show teachers their gratitude. Appreciations continued on into Catalyst Family Night, where we were able to connect with our families and raise funds to support our organization’s continued efforts. 

Our dedicated education professionals are musicians, authors, and much more. They take pride in sharing their skills with our younger generations. Our educators are at the heart of our organization as they engage with our communities through food donations or giving trees and our students are always eager to take part. Another integral part of our organization is our donors, we’ve been able to accomplish many of these things as a result of their support. 

As we approached the holidays of 2021 there were a plethora of fun new events and activities such as Diwali Feasts, fall festivals to Lunar New Year, and even Superbowl parties as we moved into the new year.  

2022 marked a fresh start as we moved further away from the world of covid and into getting our families and communities back together; family game nights returned, and several of our centers held lemonade stands as they learned all about entrepreneurship. Field trips resumed and summer camp as we once knew it made its way back with colorful decorations for themes like Candyland, Under the sea, and much more! We are so proud of how far we’ve come and what’s in store for the remainder of the summer and the 2022-2023 school year ahead.