July 29, 2021

A Catalyst Kids – Beswick wedding!

By Ann Saneto & Valerie Kelly

One of our Beswick teachers is getting married at the end of the month and the children naturally assumed they were all invited. However, the wedding is a destination wedding in Mexico, so they realized that they couldn’t attend. So, the next best thing was to plan Ms. Yessi’s wedding at the center.  

The children worked together with the teachers to plan the wedding. If anyone is in need of wedding planners, Beswick has an entire center, and they know how to plan a wedding on a dime!  

One of the 5th graders decided that she wanted to design and make the dress. She had never designed or sewed anything before, but she was up for the task and got right to work as they cut and measured the material. As Ms. Yessi held up the material, the 5th grader would take her pencil and mark where she needed to cut or sew. For a first-time seamstress, her stitching was even and straight. There was a lot of problem-solving and time management with this project. 

The children created one-of-a-kind wedding invitations to match the color of the dress and put a little bit of blue on it because Ms. Yessi’s favorite character is Stitch. They created the flower bouquet that Ms. Yessi held, the rings for both the bride and groom and champagne glasses for the toast. At the last minute, the children even painted lips on Ms. Yessi’s mask because they said she needed make up on.  

There were three photographers, an officiant that wrote the vows on their own, two flower girls, two ring bearers, and one DJ who created the song list with the support of the other children. They even included Baby Shark for one of the kindergartners so they would recognize a song and dance. 

The day was warm, and the sun was shining brightly as Ms. Yessi and Mr. Luis exchanged vows. After the ceremony, the couple was able to have their first dance, cut their cake, and dance with everyone! It was a very joyous celebration!