December 21, 2020

Winter Break Guide – Pandemic Edition

By Michelle Hoffmann 


Even though many of us are under new COVID-19 restrictions, this holiday season can still be joyful and funWinter break is often one filled with family visits, traditional practices, and events. Although things are undoubtedly different, there is still room for joy and comfort over the coming weeks. 

We’ve put together some lists of tips to help bring joy and safe ideas for the entire family.  

Break the monotony of being at home all winter break by: 

  • Jump in the car, turn on some good tunes, and find some local holiday displays to look at.  
  • Exchange gifts via door drop off or delivery. Meet over video chat to open them.  
  • Try out some new recipes. Ask friends for their traditional holiday recipes and do a group tasting via Zoom.  
  • Make time for self-care: read, meditate, get cozy – just take a moment to yourself. 
  •  Host a virtual paint or craft event with your friends. Create handmade gifts or holiday cards for loved ones. 
  • Reach out to local food banks, shelters, and community organizations to see how you can safely serve your neighbors in need. 
  • Take winter-break nap. Both adults and kids. Seriously. Your brain and body deserve a break. 


Hold onto your joy this season and….. 

Stay connected. Share memories, stories, texts, letters, and video calls with loved ones. Although being in person is different – staying connected reminds us to be grateful.  

Engage with your surroundings. Walks, baking, cooking, bike rides, hikes, and outdoor adventures are a great way to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air during winter break. Find a new activity and try It as a family. Who said Mom can’t skateboard?  

Focus on the moment. This year has been long – months have felt like years, but before we know it, we will be back into the hustle of life. In 10 years, when the kids have grown, we will be holding onto these moments of resilience as a family. Focus on the moments – the bike rides, funny conversations, traditional family celebrations and being a kid again (if just for a moment).  


Safe family holiday celebrations… 

Remember to celebrate the season, safely. 

  • Limiting gatherings to one’s own household wherever possible.  
  • Avoid traveling over 150 miles. 
  • Wear face masks in public. 
  • Wash hands frequently. 
  • Practice social distancing protocols. 
  • If travel is necessary, quarantine before returning to your Catalyst center. 

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