September 29, 2021

Impact Spotlight: more than a Center Manager…

By Michelle Hoffmann

Our staff’s passion for teaching is deeply rooted and for Center Manager Alyssa Scholes, it’s no different. She lives and thrives in serving children and families. Alyssa has over 20 years of experience in child development, from infants to school age in roles ranging from teaching aide to program director.   

In 2013, Alyssa joined the Catalyst Kids team as a Site Supervisor for Cherry Chase in San Jose, CA. Coming to Catalyst after 18 years of owning and operating her own family-owned center, Alysa joined our family looking to grow as a leader. Alysa knew walking in that at Catalyst Kids, we are committed to supporting leaders in order to make the biggest impact on our communities, children, and families.  

When Alyssa first joined the team, she had enough Early Childhood Education (ECE) units to apply for her Site Supervisor Permit but had yet to receive her AA degree. With the encouragement and support of her Program Director, Alyssa not only completed her AA but graduated with a BA and now holds a Program Director permit. Alyssa is now a Center Manager, managing five early childhood education programs.  

The path of personal growth did not halt at Alyssa. The support and motivation received from her Program Director has trickled down to five former Teachers, who have gone on to become Site Supervisors at Catalyst Kids. Our culture of encouragement is changing the industry, one teacher at a time.  

From re-igniting passions to mentoring teachers to fostering an environment for kids to shine, our leadership team is not only providing an enriching place for kids to learn but is also making waves in the future of our communities.