December 18, 2019

Celebrating Diversity at Foulks Ranch CDC!

By Valerie Kelly

It’s always amazing to see the fun things happening at our centers around the holidays. Several of our locations had a multitude of engaging, family friendly events taking place. There was a potluck theme happening around the Thanksgiving holiday, and we had the opportunity to capture the celebration of diversity at Foulks Ranch CDC over in Elk Grove, CA.  

The potluck was bursting with children and their families with an exceptional amount of food from beginning to end. There were many unique offerings such as lumpia and vegetarian sushi. This was an event you would not be leaving hungry from. Several staff members were also hard at work preparing additional food for the families throughout the event. Plenty of indoor activities entertained the families and children after they finished dinner. 

LaShonda B., Site Supervisor over at Foulks Ranch, told us the Multicultural Potluck is an annual event taking place each November at the center. Families are given notice about a month or so beforehand in the center newsletter and during the annual Lights on Afterschool event taking place in October. Seven families are even on the PAC committee and actively engage in planning events at the centers as well as ask for input and suggestions. 

The Potluck is a way to celebrate our cultural differences and enjoy dinner together. Every year on our parent surveys and ECERs, we look for ways to bring cultural awareness and diversity to our center. Our potluck becomes a part of our action plan to improve our scores and overall program. It also fosters relationships with our families.” –LasShonda Bolling, Site Supervisor.