October 13, 2020

Re-imagining Catalyst & Building Community

By Allison Ladio & Anthony Rocha


We are a Nonprofit! What does that mean?

At Catalyst Family Inc., our mission lies at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to developing every childcare center, every camp, every resource provided to our partners, with the uniqueness of its local community in mind has helped us maintain a spirit of creativity and innovation.

In 2019, Catalyst completed the evolution of the organization to become a full-fledged nonprofit, followed by our name change from Continuing Development Incorporated to Catalyst Family in 2020. With our new status, we are now able to expand our services and scope of influence.

So, what does it mean to be a nonprofit?

Ownership and Control

Simply put, a nonprofit organization is one that has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS because it’s mission and purpose are to further a social cause and provide a public benefit. Being a nonprofit allows us to simplify our operations, maximize the expertise of our staff, and ultimately improve the services we provide. It is also important to share that Nonprofits are publicly owned and governed by a Board of Directors – no person owns shares of the corporation or interests in its property. No one person has complete authority. While the Leadership manages the organization, the Board provides direction and evaluates the executive leadership.

Transparency and Accountability

Nonprofits can secure funding from government entities and private foundations. Since we are eligible to do so we are also held to a higher standard in terms of our fundraising and operational practices. Our budget and other financial documents are public. This also means individual donors can see how their donations are being used.

Improving efficiency and quality of service

Operating as one entity allows us to fully integrate our organizational model to maximize the expertise of our staff and increase the quality of services for all children. With one vision and direction, we are ready to be a leader in the field. This means more opportunities for the kids we serve now in our childcare, afterschool, and summer programs and those children living in areas into which we are expanding.


With this new structure also comes the opportunity to tap into additional channels of funding via fundraising. As a nonprofit, we reinvest all net income back into our programs.  Reinvestment can include teacher compensation and benefits, updated materials and supplies, updated facilities, staff development, scholarships, and more. All funding would be utilized for this purpose to ensure our staff continue to provide essential services to essential employees.

To lead our fund development efforts, we have built our first Development team to be led by Allie Ladio, our new Fund Development Manager. Allie will be supported by Praji Prasana, Multimedia and Design Coordinator, Anthony Rocha, Special Projects Coordinator, as well as a soon-to-be-hired Fund Development Associate.

While children have always been at the center of Catalyst Family Inc.’s mission and work, we want to reinforce the community in which they live, play, and learn. Raising philanthropic dollars to support our enhancements and expansion is a challenge we know we can face with donor support.

Building Community Support and Re-imagining our organization

With our changes in place, we are now able to expand our services and scope of influence. However, the success of our organization is dependent on the generosity of our supporters. Every donation made and grant secured allows us to continue providing child development services at the highest level of quality. In addition, the workforce of a nonprofit is composed of qualified staff and competent volunteers! Catalyst will be creating a volunteer program that will allow members of the community to contribute to the organization with gifts of time and talent.

We are excited about our organization’s new direction and focus. If you are interested in being a part of this incredible journey, contact us today!