November 27, 2018

Lights on Afterschool

Several of our centers celebrated Lights on Afterschool, an annual event in October that commemorates the importance of afterschool programs in the lives of children, families and communities. Our Quail Valley center in Menifee participated in the event with a series of activities at the center throughout the week for both the children and their families. The children toured CDC families and school staff throughout the program, showing off what they were working on in Fashion, STEM and Gardening Clubs. On Tuesday, families were invited to attend a cultural day in which they played an active role in reading and cooking to celebrate diversity. The center hosted a CDC’s Got Talent Show on Thursday with families based on their month long talent club. They practiced, planned and created using groups to make the needs of the show including backdrop, flyers and refreshments. They performed group dances, magic tricks and singing. Friday concluded the week with a friendship and kindness day.  It was an opportunity to disconnect from tech and electronics. The kids played board games and card games, handed out Kind bars donated by Lights on After School & The Kind Co and completed random acts of kindness.