June 21, 2021

June 2021 Summer Fun Guide

By Michelle Hoffmann


Look – we know this summer has been HIGHLY anticipated, by both kids and adults. Weekends booked with trips, camps planned and get-togethers penciled in. Whether your summer is booked, or you have some things you’re looking to do, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to do as a family this summer. With ideas for activities, events, and travel destinations – we’re excited about the fun Summer 2021 will bring!  

Family Activities  

Yes, we’ve spent a lot of time with our immediate families over the last year. But as a parent, if there’s anything we universally agree on, is that time moves quickly, and memory-making is a priority.  

  • Volunteer as a family – Have a local organization that speaks to you? Sign your family up for a volunteer day. Connect with each other and your community, while teaching children the importance of community service. www.volunteermatch.org is a great place to start your search for opportunities.  
  • Bring family dinners outside. Have the whole family help make grilled pizzas, kabobs, burgers, and even smores on the grill! Pick a new grilled meal to try each week – better yet, let the kids pick! 
  • Spruce up your yard and get creative with Yard Art  
  • Be trendy and make matching Tie Dye Shirts  
  • Create Giant Homemade Bubbles  
  • Get creative and inspirational with Sidewalk Chalk Art 
  • Build a small family garden – providing an opportunity to learn and get your hands dirty! 
  • Capture this moment in time and plan for a family photoshoot! Whether you hire a professional photographer or have a friend take the photos, it’s always nice to have family photos to hold onto.  
  • Get nostalgic and hit a local drive-in movie theatre. Pack up the car with snacks and blankets.  
  • Create a weekly family summer tradition – getting ice cream, going on night-time bike rides, pizza night Fridays, new hike Sundays – whatever it is, create a new tradition for the summer! 
  • Shop for your Back-To-School items as a family with Amazon Smile and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to us. Be sure to select Catalyst Family Inc. as your donation recipient.  

Events and Festivals   

Looking to safely socialize? We know we are! With the progress of COVID-19, we’re thankful to know that we can dip our toes back into events and festivals this summer.  

  • Bring back the block party! In summer 2020, things were still uncertain, but it’s safe to say we can look at bringing back the traditional block party. Start a conversation with your neighbors to see if anyone would be interested in throwing one.  
  • Catch your local music in the park nights! Most towns have a music in the park series, and many are coming back for 2021. Pack a picnic lunch, a blanket, and some chairs for a fun evening – enjoying music under the stars!  
  • We’re not getting back to the county fairs and festivals that we’re all used to – but there are still a few bigger events in the works for this summer and fall. Check out a full list here.  
  • Going to be in the LA area this summer? Check out this extensive list of happenings throughout the LA area. 


Looking to get out of town? Whether you’re staying within the state or hopping on a plane, there’s lots of adventure to be had this summer.  

  • The 10 Best Summer Vacations in the US  
  • 5 California Family Vacations that are a must!  
  • Live driving distance from a national park or cute town? Plan a family trip! Book a campsite or hotel room, pack-up the car for the weekend, and hit the road for some adventure.  
  • Plan a beach-day as a family – give the kids a few options for beaches, pack a cooler, bring the pup and enjoy the perks of living on the West Coast! 
  • Have you visited your local museums, parks, and wild-life areas? There’s so much to explore in your own backyard! Get in tune with your local community and visit your community’s travel destinations.