Distance Learning

Welcome to the Catalyst Kids Family Enrichment Zone! This is our one stop shop to support your family with distance learning/connections and beyond. You will find links to a wide variety of community services available in your area, along with helpful articles, activities, information, and tools to support your family’s needs.

Helpful Articles

Homework Anxiety: What It Looks Like and Why It Happens

Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning

Back-to-School Concerns About Your Child: How to Act on Them

Questions That Parents of English Language Learners Should Ask Schools This Fall

Managing Anxieties Around Distance Learning

Notes from the Backpack – a PTA Podcast

10 Tips for Helping Children Cope with Disaster

Books to Help Children Cope with Disasters

Distance Learning Tips for At Home

Tips for Learning in Daily Routine – Infant/Toddler

Tips for Learning in Daily Routine – Preschool


Welcome to the Activities/Enrichment Page! Here you will find developmentally appropriate at home activities for Infant/Toddler, Preschool, and School Age children as well as enrichments to support Distance Learning. There are also resources for materials to support and enhance your activities.



Toddler Home Connection


Preschool Activities for School Readiness

Preschool Home Connection

Scripted Stories for Social Situations

Helping Your Child During the Pandemic

How to Help Your Child Successfully Transition Back to School

School Age

School Age Home Connection

Activity Bingo

Helping Your Child During the Pandemic

How to Help Your Child Successfully Transition Back to School

At Home Materials/Lists

Birth – 6 Months

7 – 12 Months

1 – 2 Years

2 – 3 Years

3 – 5 Years

5 Years and Up


Welcome to the Resources page! Here you will find helpful tools, articles, and information to help connect you to available community services and resources to support the needs of your family. Our goal for this page is to help support and empower our Catalyst Kids families all over California.

Health Resources

A Parent’s Guide to Head Lice

Finding and Using Healthcare

Apple Snack Activity

How to Get Your Child to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

Kids Need Fiber: Here’s Why and How

Making Healthy Food Choices

How Toxic Stress Affects Us, and What We Can Do About It – YouTube

Healthcare Provider Brochure

Folleto para proveedor de servicios médicos


How CalFresh Works

County CalFresh Phone Numbers

Cal Fresh Website

Child Development

First 5 Development Journey

Modifying an IEP or 504 for Distance or Hybrid Learning

Behavior Challenges: Conversation Starters to Use With Your Child’s Teacher

Developmental Monitoring and Screening/Control y Evaluación del Desarrollo

Handling Challenging Behaviors at All Ages

Manejo de Comportamientos Desafiantes en Todas Las Edades

The Early Start Community

La comunidad de Early Start

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

5 Essentials to Meaningful Play

How Every Child Can Thrive By Five

Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting

Guiding Your Child’s Behavior

Milestone Checklists Through the Ages:

At 2 Months

At 4 Months

At 6 Months

At 9 Months

At 1 Year

At 1.5 Years

At 2 Years

At 3 Years

At 4 Years

At 5 Years

Parent Education

Parenting Guide

Coping for Parents in Hard Times

Wide Open School – Recursos en español

Connect With Your Kids 0 – Teens

Conéctate con tus hijos 0-adolescentes

Separation Anxiety 0 – 3

Limits for Little Ones 0 – 3

Celebrating Differences: Antiracist Parenting Right From the Start

Talking about Body/Personal Safety, ages 6-8

Talking about Body/Personal Safety, ages 9-10

Talking about Body/Personal Safety, ages 11+

Toilet Training (for Parents)

Estableciendo rutinas para que los niños y niñas vayan al baño

Potty Training Books for Kids

Helping Your Child During the Pandemic

How to Help Your Child Successfully Transition Back to School

How California’s new universal transitional kindergarten program will be rolled out.

The State of Preschool

The Right Direction: Mixed Delivery Early Care and Education

Podcast About Learning Differences

Universal TK Quick Guide

Mental Health

Children’s Book About Mental Health

Healthy Expression of Emotions

Nurturing Children in Times of Stress

Preventing Youth Suicide

Warning Signs of Suicide

Self Care Guide for Parents

Social and Emotional Trouble in School: 7 Things to Ask Your Child’s Teachers

Mental Health Parent Resources from CHOC