March 18, 2021

Expanding Our Palates- Cooking at Del Mar Lincoln

By Valerie Kelly & Stephanie Collett 

At our Del Mar Lincoln center, our students channeled their own inner Gordon Ramsaby trying a few different recipes for National Nutrition Month. We asked each of the children what they enjoyed the most about the process and results, and here’s what they had to say! 

  • Share one thing that you liked about the cooking demonstration. 

Andy- “I liked when we had to crush the crackers and season it.” 

Oscar- “I liked using the cooking utensils and learning about what each utensil does.” 

Rosslyn- “I liked how the food came out and how delicious it was.” 

Dulce- “I liked eating the cheese.” 


  •   Share one thing you learned from the cooking demonstration. 

Andy- “I learned that garlic is really sticky when it gets on your hands.” 

Rosslyn -“I learned how to make the dipping sauce.” 

Dulce -“how to shred cheese” 


  • Share one thing you would do differently with the recipe or the foods we used. 

Andy- “One thing I would’ve done differently is use different foods. I want to cook something that includes meat, pepper, corn, and asparagus or broccoli.” 

Oscar -“What I want to do differently is make something different like dessert. I want to make chocolate chip cookies.” 

Rosslyn -“I would’ve used more lemon, salt, and pepper in the ingredients.” 

Dulce- “I want to make something with strawberries and chocolate.”