April 5, 2017

Circus Camp Day during February Recess at Cherry Chase CDC in Sunnyvale

For February Recess Camp, two of the 5th grade girls approached their teachers about helping to plan a circus themed day for camp. They helped come up with ideas for activities that would be fun for Kindergarten through 5th grade and organizing those ideas to share. The girls worked on their planning daily, which included learning about budgeting, writing a list of materials and the costs of those materials. The Site Supervisor, Alyssa, guided them in planning the special day and helped them with all their planning questions. One of the ideas they came up with was drawing a body for the campers to decorate into an acrobat or a clown and 3 skits for the camp leaders to act out during the morning welcome. This was a hit with our campers. On the day of the circus camp, Alyssa purchased top hats and made our leaders Jr. Ringmasters. The girls both came up with their own camp names of Lavender and Lilac. It is inspiring to see the students get involved and bring their ideas to life. This has encouraged more of the children to add their ideas into Spring Camp and become Jr. Leaders for our summer day camps.