August 5, 2020

Child Development Centers is now Catalyst Kids!

By Charles Crosby


You may notice things look a little different around here. We’ve been sprucing up the place a bit as we run headlong into the next chapter for our organization.

After a half century of supporting California communities with their childcare needs, we’re moving into a new phase, one that recognizes the role we’ve always played in the lives of the families we serve. We’ve been a catalyst for kids discovering their unique strengths. We’ve been a catalyst for kids to explore and learn. We’ve been a catalyst for kids to shine. Now we’re becoming what we’ve really always been – Catalyst Kids.

We’re excited to launch our new brand identity along with a new way of telling our story. Our new visuals, fun photography focused on kids and the joy they experience as part of our unmatched programs, and a cleaner, clearer design will help us talk about how we serve our communities with greater clarity than ever.

We’ve been working on the re-branding process in earnest for months. We started consulting with staff and other audiences back in November, which included focus groups, one-on-one interviews and group consultations and ever since then we’ve been tackling every aspect of our brand – we have a new brand promise: “We encourage children’s unique development through play-based learning, support busy families through quality care, and strengthen communities by providing a safe place for every child to thrive,” as well as a new visual identity, color palette, and photo, writing and digital standards. It’s a true “tip-to-tail”  overhaul that you will start to see rolled over the next number of weeks and months.

And it’s not just our centers that are getting a facelift. There has been so much excitement about this re-branding effort across our organization that we’ve embraced a full-scale change to all of our services. The amazing community work carried out by Choices for Children across the state will continue under Catalyst Community; our fantastic summer camps, now known as Young Set Club, will now become Catalyst Camps. Even our corporate office, formally Continuing Development Inc. will now be known as Catalyst Family Inc. We are finally uniting all our businesses under one common umbrella.

We’ll still provide our unmatched, licensed care for the families we proudly serve, and we’ll inspire bright kids to be their best every day. We’ll support busy families by providing a safe place where happy kids meet hands-on learning. And we’ll now do it as Catalyst Kids. Our next chapter will be an exciting one and we’re proud to be able to take this journey along side our families, all under the Catalyst umbrella.

Just as a catalyst launches objects to new heights, our centers will help kids get on the right trajectory for success. Now we’re launched and we’re ready for what’s next, soaring to those new heights together.

We’re Catalyst Kids now, and we’re going to help kids shine.