August 31, 2020

Catalyst Kids Steps Up to Serve

By Anthony Rocha


Newly Branded Statewide Education and Child Care Nonprofit works to meet the needs of working families and students in Distanced Learning.


Morgan Hill, CA— Catalyst Kids operates over 160 centers statewide and is actively working to provide quality childcare and tutoring services to help families during distanced learning. With 50 years of experience, the work is not new to our organization and our staff is ready to hit the ground running.  Several of our seasoned staff have shared their valuable perspective, Janette Bryant commented “Being flexible and having a positive attitude is key.” Bryant is a longtime employee and has been working on behalf of families through our organization since 1998 for the first 6 years as a teacher, and as a Site Supervisor since 2004. Throughout her 22-year tenure, Bryant has seen a lot but nothing quite like the current situation. She heavily leaned on the importance of fostering clear communication channels between parents, our Centers, and Local Schools.

Catalyst Kids provides key services to families in distanced learning such as:

COVID-19 Child Care and Support for Essential Workers: It is our intention to, wherever possible, ensure an uninterrupted continuation of care. We believe it is critical that families who need our support continue to get it. In order for essential workers to be out keeping us safe or ensuring we’re able to buy food for our families, or caring for the sick, they need to know their children are cared for in a safe, supportive environment. As a result, we have decided to keep our centers open and functioning during this pandemic.

After School Programs: With some exceptions, most of our centers are open and providing quality tutoring and child development services. We recognize we are not a substitute for in-person learning on school sites, but we are dedicated to supporting the educational success of our children.

Safe and Clean Learning Environment: In addition to complying will all state and local guidelines we are fully stocked on hand sanitizers, regularly deep cleaning learning sites and we are requiring facemasks to be worn at all times.

We are excited and prepared to serve our families and students. We ask that you keep Catalyst Kids in mind for all of your essential childcare and distance learning needs.