December 28, 2020

Catalyst Kids help students shine in spite of pandemic challenges 

By Michelle Hoffmann 

Despite the changes brought about by the pandemic, one thing remains the same: the children at Catalyst Kids continue to shine.  Scarlett Metoyer at the Freedom Crest Center is an example of how our children can still succeed amidst the ongoing challenges of this year.  

When the Freedom Crest center reopened after a 6-month closure due to the pandemic, Scarlett came to the center with several missing assignments. She had been struggling in math which prevented her from keeping up with work. Like many students this year, Scarlett had become frustrated, expressed a dislike for school, and often avoided asking for help.  

Collectively, the staff worked to support Scarlett’s math skills by working with her one-on-one to go over assignments and math problems. Working in partnership with local school districts, our teachers were able to help identify pain points for Scarlett, allowing them to work through her assignments with her. Scarlett was able to catch up on her assignments and build a better understanding of mathematics while practicing self and social development skills.  

Just this past week, the staff at Freedom Crest recognized the progress that she has made while noticing the positive changes in her character. Scarlett now has a refreshed approach when working on her assignments and is happy with her well-deserved success.