March 1, 2021

Black History Month Celebration Recap

By Valerie Kelly

In celebration of Black History Month, our centers across the state incorporated various activities that provided a hands-on experience for our students to learn about important figures in Black History. We wanted to highlight all of the impactful activities our kids participated in to honor Black History Month.  


Our Hansen center students worked on their self-image and created their own image of Martin Luther King Jr. writing down his dreams and sharing their own. 

Catalyst Kids Prairie kids wrote about African American inventors, diving into learning more about the inventor of the Ice Cream Scoop, Alfred Cralle.  

Many of our centers practice an activity called “Monday Matters” and in the middle of February, our Arthur Butler center’s Monday topic was “I Matter”. They discussed the movement of Black Lives Matter and why it’s important for so many people in the world today. They drew pictures of themselves represent our diversity, with “I Am” statements around it that expressed positive affirmations about ourselves. 

Many of our Catalyst Kids also learned about the powerful civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., and his contribution to equality for all people. Students at Catalyst Kids Oak View created their very own representation of Martin Luther King Jr.! They made a huge MLK face and they each drew the parts of his face. 

At Catalyst Kids Butler, students explored the meaning behind Kente cloths, their origin (Ghana), meaning “of the colors used within a Kente cloth”, and how it has influenced African American culture. Our students explored what meaningful colors they wanted to use in their own designs. This was a fun way to practice shapes and patterns while learning more about African culture. 

At Catalyst Kids, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter, because Black Lives Matter and our Black Children’s Lives Matter. This February was an amazing opportunity to be able to educate our youth on Black History as we continue to recognize the importance of diversity and equality.