May 1, 2014

Autism Speaks – Walk-A-Thon /Community Involvement

When Sedgwick CDC wanted to participate in the community they decided to work on a cause that was currently impacting children at their center. Since they had two children with autism, they chose the charity Autism Speaks. The CDC teachers spoke to the children about the challenges that children with autism face and how this charity helps them. They all agreed this was the charity they wanted to help.

The children collected donations by filling out little hearts with the donators name and amount. At the end, they gathered all the small hearts and made one large heart to hang in the center to show all the support from their families, friends and school classrooms.

The children worked on their charity project during club time at the center. They made flyers for donations at the school and made signs and table themes for the walk-a-thon. The walk-a-thon was done on their school’s field. Since the children were given 4-5 laps to complete for the charity, club time helped them prepare for the big day. They practiced laps, learned about hydration and the proper gear to wear. They also made numbered race bibs for the event.

The day of the walk-a-thon the children raised $1,000 for their charity! They completed their laps, some with the help of their parents. They stopped at the themed tables along the way such as the luau, minion, healthy snack and photo booth. Our walkers joined in the fun at the booth while taking a break from their laps.

The event was such a success the staff wanted to reward the children for their hard work. They gave them York Peppermint Patty medals for finishing their laps. A few days later the children had an awards ceremony were they got a certificate for categories such as most enthusiastic, most donations, fastest runner, having a positive attitude and for being the silliest.

Sedgwick CDC along with many other of our centers plan to continue with their goal of giving back to the community during the 2014-2015 school-year.