February 3, 2021

Acts of Kindness at Catalyst Kids

By Keya Gupta


Incredible acts of kindness can go a long way, especially during these trying times.

Jaqueline Arenas Garcia, a center manager in Tustin, assisted sites with family outreach translation at the beginning of the pandemic. She came across a single parent who informed her that she only had enough food for her family for the next two days.

Jacqueline says, “This broke my heart and I decided to try and do something. I reached out to friends and family for help. As the weekly calls continued, I found increased families in need of food.”

She was able to gather over $2,000 in Costco gift cards, and about $1,500 in food, toiletries, and school supply donations. Parents at Heideman, Guinfoss, Tustin Ranch, Beswick, and Estock centers met up with Jacqueline to deliver the items to families in need. Not only was she instrumental in helping families with basic necessities, but she also made sure that their children were handed supplies to help support their distance learning as well.

Thank you, Jacqueline and all who helped, for coming to the aid of our families during these hard times!