Staff Training

Professional/Staff Development

Our agency believes strongly in investing in our employees to encourage their best work. We provide a variety of comprehensive professional development opportunities for all teachers and managers over the course of the year. A few of the topics include: programming and curriculum development, health, safety & nutrition, human resources, leadership, marketing, and business management. Small groups are co-created to meet the program & curriculum needs of teachers & site supervisors. We encourage learning in cohort groups for more in-depth learning regarding core theory and practical application for infant/toddler, preschool, and school age programs. We provide hands-on staff development as well as on-demand learning including podcasts, conference calls, webinars and online trainings to meet the goals of individual teachers, center improvement plans, and the agency mission.

All employees receive training in core module topics that include adult/child interactions, social/emotional development, problem solving, curriculum, schedule, and assessment. The Education Team plans additional professional development experiences for staff that include child/youth development theory & practice, and short and long-term projects that connect to school readiness content for preschoolers or to school day content for school age learning. Our seasonal camp training program offers a unique learning series that focuses on what the difference is between camp and our regular school year programs.