Health & Safety

Health & Compliance Services

The Health and Compliance Services Team (HCS) places your child’s health and safety in the forefront of all that we do. In order to train staff, the team leader completed the UCSF Child Care Health Consultant certification program, and additionally holds certifications as a Playground Safety Inspector, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and as a Pediatric CPR/First Aid instructor with twenty years experience in the Early Childhood Development field.

Health and Safety Compliance

The HCS team is responsible for ensuring our centers are in compliance with State and Local childcare regulations while also promoting best practices that offer enhanced protection to children’s health and safety while in our care. We accomplish this in several ways as listed below:

  • Orientation of new staff on health and safety policies and procedures;
  • Providing staff training on Administering Medication, Effective Supervision of Children, Water Safety, Pediatric CPR/First Aid, Sanitizing and Disinfecting the environment & Excluding Children with Communicable Illnesses;
  • Conducting health and safety inspections at centers;
  • Issuing Emergency Responder Necklace Badges with specific emergency roles for center staff in the case of a fire, earthquake or lockdown/active shooter situation;
  • Collaborating with local law enforcement on current lockdown and active shooter procedures;
  • Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques as a natural approach to prevent insect invasions;
  • Purchasing products to disinfect the environment that are EPA certified;
  • Inspecting playground structures and surfacing to ensure they are compliant with the California Playground Safety Health and Safety Code;
  • Ensuring sunscreen is available and applied to children prior to going outdoors;
  • Encouraging children to drink water throughout the day;
  • Keeping the center stocked with a seventy-two hour emergency water and food supply in the case of a natural disaster;
  • Ensuring first aid kits are fully stocked so first aid is quickly and professionally provided.

Working with Centers

Our team works closely with center Site Supervisors to ensure their centers meet the high standards of health and safety our agency has established. As a result, we are often in the field visiting centers to conduct inspections or to provide one-on-one training with center staff.

Additionally, we provide instruction to center staff on procedures required to assist a child experiencing the following: anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction, a low blood sugar episode for a child with Type 1 Diabetes, an asthma attack or a seizure. We strive to ensure children with these medical conditions can experience the center setting safely while under the care of knowledgeable staff.

Keeping the environment as safe as possible while allowing children to experiment and test their abilities and limits under the careful eye of supervision is our goal and is continually monitored by the HCS team. We work collaboratively with center Site Supervisors to improve indoor and outdoor environments so children can navigate freely and experience all the fun and interesting activities designed for their age group while minimizing their risk of injury. Health and Safety of children is always “behind the scenes” of all activities and programs.