March 24, 2021

A message from our President in light of recent events

After last week’s senseless shootings in Atlanta, we are, yet again, confronted with another loss of life in yet another city, this time in Colorado. Our hearts are broken, and our thoughts are with the families and community suffering in the wake of the shootings in Boulder.

As we begin to process this latest tragedy we are, again, only a week past what happened in Atlanta, an incident that reminds us that systemic racism is embedded in our nation. We must stand behind Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and all Asians in our communities.

We condemn all acts of violence and we will tirelessly advocate for the acceptance of diversity, the level playing field of equity, and a belief that by embracing inclusion our nation and communities can heal and move forward.

This does not lessen our commitment to our Black communities, because we strongly believe that Black lives matter. We need to stand with our communities against this violence and in aspiring to be better.

Our mission to serve communities, families, and children is more critical than ever. We will achieve our mission through listening to, respecting, and valuing one another. As we reflect on our own opportunities to grow, while maintaining an open heart, we will continue to be a refuge for families. A place where our staff offer quality services and value one another’s individual background and the unique characteristics that we bring to work every day.

With hope,  

Susan Dumars 


Catalyst Family Inc.