February 24, 2021

10 Healthful tips for your household 

By Michelle Hoffmann

Over this last year, we’ve all made a conscious effort to stay healthy by distancing ourselves from one another and taking precautions to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all taken on new hobbies; perfecting focaccia art, making tik-tok pasta, renovating our homes, pickling, gardening, and at-home workouts. As we approach the year mark of lock-downs in California, many of us have fallen back into routines – some healthy, some not so healthy.  

We’ve put together a list of 10 healthy habits for the entire family. Using the MayoClinic and Heart.org as our source, we’re confident that this list will help keep your family healthy this season!  

1. Exercise. 

Walk. Hike. Bike. Skateboard. Play chase with the dog. You get the idea. Just get up and get moving – even if it’s during a commercial break.  

2Fuel your family.  

Functionally fuel your family by eating a rainbow of foods to support your immune systems. Offer fruits and vegetables at every meal. Model healthy eating. Cook together.  

3. Be proactive. 

Maintain well-child visits and annual check-ups with your family doctor. Don’t forget to visit the dentist.   

4. Sleep. 

We can’t deny that sleep is essential for us all to function, and particularly for children. Keep a consistent bedtime and end-of-day routine – with limited screen time.  

5. Explore. 

We’re lucky to live in one of the best states for exploration. Get out, create a new path, find a new family spot, and develop forever memories.  

6Find joy in patience.  

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. All good habits take time. Important life changes progress day-by-day. Although it can be daunting at times, each day’s progress is just that.  

7Be light-hearted. 

Laughter isn’t the cure to everything, but it’s pretty close. Reduce stress, anxiety and tension through a good giggle.  

8Talk and check-in with loved ones. 

Even when we can’t be near, it’s important to continue to build and maintain strong relationships. Video calls. Texts. Emails. Even written letters. Just keep in touch with your people! 

9. Simplify things. 

Pair back and simplify things in your home where possible. Prioritize activities, house duties, work & school work in balance with leisure time and rest.  

10Take a moment to be grateful each day. 

Reflect daily on all there is to be grateful for. Share a highlight of your day or something you’re thankful for each night at dinner as a family.